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A Little Something From Katie:

Many who know me don’t understand my love for Demi Lovato, but I can see why…

Disney Pop Princesses are usually very irritating and frustrating, and I have to say at first I did think her Camp Rock character pulled that generalization off with flying colours. However, her music has always struck a chord with me, regardless of the writing talent, or mainstream sound. I feel that even though she is apart of the Disney Pop group of girls, that she has risen above that stereotype and shown the world that her music has meaning, and the emotions that stir within her and in myself when a song is sung truly shows that. At least to me.

What I really logged on to talk about today wasn’t her music, and her separation from Disney’s ever looming stereotype. I came to discuss her new music video Skyscraper, because it just brought out so much emotion in me which I believe a lot of you can relate to. You can watch the video HERE

Now over the past few months it has been widely known that Demi was in a rehabilitation clinic specifically for internal battles with things such as anorexia, bulimia and self injuring. Her deepest most protected secrets were thrust into the open, for everyone to see, and for those of us who have had to deal with that, I’m sure many of you were also frightened for her. Imagine, thousands, upon thousands of people, those you love, those who hate you, those who idolize you finding out you have this “flaw”.

But she didn’t stop, she didn’t try to fight this. I have so much respect for this girl, I just want to hug her and let her know she is understood. I am so, so happy that she has risen above this addiction and is now using it for good, to spread awareness around the world to help stop bullying, and help those suffering with these problems.

I again want every one on this site, followers, or visitors to know that you are loved. You are thought of, you are cherished, though at times you feel anything but that love it still fights for you and your hearts. You are bigger than cutting, than starving, than purging, than binging, than burning or scratching or pulling out your hair. You are better than self loathing and hateful words, you are bigger than bullies, than the hurt and you can fight this. And all of us are here to help you.

I’m allowing people to photo reply here, because I think Demi’s message above is a good one to spread. Join me.

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Please, nobody forget that your place on this earth is as precious as anyone else’s.

I love you all-Katie Scarlett