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The YAY! Scale! (click the link to buy one!)

This is the only scale I will ever advocate to anyone. When you step on it, it’s nearly guaranteed to give you a boost. Instead of a number, it gives you a compliment!





You’ll never have to fear stepping on the scale again if you have one of these. It’s just a reminder that the number on the scale isn’t what’s important. Your self-worth and the ways in which you define yourself are really what matter!

(Did I mention each scale is signed by Marilyn Wann of Fat!So? fame? Super bonus!)

I love the adorable designs and I love the tongue in cheek jab at the beauty industry. Honestly, if I knew someone who was dieting, I would heavily consider getting them one of these bad boys to remind them that the end all be all isn’t the number on the scale!


Amber :)