This is a place of encouragement, a place to discuss body image, insecurities, self-esteem, and everything under the umbrella of fighting self-hate and finding self-love.

No matter what you look like, what color, what gender, sexual orientation, what size or however many "flaws", healthy, not healthy, working on it, abled, disabled, we are all human, we all deserve to be happy, we all deserve to love ourselves. With this blog you will see all kinds of REAL bodies, REAL people, REAL stories.

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help I’m having emotions about a cartoon antidepressant trying to be useful

It’s OKAY not to be okay! It takes time to love our bodies, and that’s something we all have to work on especially living in todays society where we’re told on the daily NO! You are beautiful, and you are worth every second here on this earth! Confidence is welcoming that with positivity and love will make things so much easier!



Fighting Disorder Is Hard.


This is my body, I’m not nude, I’m not being showy. I’m just a girl in a doctor who shirt who took time to take this picture in between laying in bed doing nothing for 8+ hours.

 How is it that we’re raised to hate ourselves, what kind of human survival is it to teach our daughters that they are worthless and ugly and never good enough? 

I’m fighting it. I’m fighting it everyday because there has GOT to be something wrong with the way I’m thinking. No animal is this self destructive on purpose, nobody is made this way. So I’m fighting this by thanking that which I hate.

Thank you for getting me through the days, for letting me travel through the snow and wind and treck through the Canadian winters to get to work everyday. Thank you for giving me the strength to do the things I take for granted. I take you for granted, and I’m so sorry. 

I’m going to pledge to start paying more attention to you, to give you the food you need in proper intervals, to try to be more active so you can help me in all the ways that you do, so that you can last me my whole life. 

This body is the only one I’ll ever have, and I’m going to start being thankful for it. 

I post daily positive reminders for self love and encouragement with mental illness, if you’re in need of help with anxiety, ED, mental health in general feel free to common over <3


For Those Who Don’t Want To Go On:


I see you.


I see that it takes all of you to get out of bed in the morning,

that you are using all your strength to dress and clothe yourselves,

that sometimes it feels like the effort to walk to the door is so much-

so you don’t.

I see you.

I see that sometimes you’re overwhelmed by this invisible weight weighing on you so heavily that you can’t continue.

I see you.

I know that you put your every, single, bit of strength into just being here.

Living here.

Staying. HERE.




And if you’re struggling with this, if you’re lost and don’t know how you’re going to continue- know that I see you , I hear you and I’m listening.

You are not alone- and we are stronger together- Never Be Afraid To Ask For Help <3

Body love and body positivity doesn’t come easy for a lot of us, and sometimes we can fall into emptiness and that is something that needs to be combatted by help from others.

You’re all amazing- you’re worth it and you’re not alone <3


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Katie’s been working on a 30 day vlog challenge dedicated to helping those dealing with recovery- that could be recovery with self harm, eating disorders, negative self hate behaviours of any kind, or those who are struggling through the holiday season with mental health.

It’s a tough time of year and sometimes talking it out helps! 


And if you’re dealing with any of these issues and need some resources to find help in your area or deal with some negative behaviours? CLICK HERE

Make this holiday season about falling in love with yourself and learning to accept yourself! Make daily self love affirmations on your blog (at least 5) and tag them #stopchasingcloudschallenge !

You’re all worth the effort for recovery, and self love sometimes it just takes time and patience and knowing someone out there cares!



SERIOUSLY! Thank you all so much for being so amazingly supportive over the past week. You’re the reason my boss doesn’t hate my guts. I am so appreciative of the messages and the reason I haven’t responded to many is because I want them to stay forever in my inbox like a selfish message hoarder!

You’ve all really shown me how powerful this network can be, and just one message can get someone’s spirits up enough to function normally. I really appreciate all the things you’ve said and helped me with. I am going to therapy tomorrow and will be facing this shit head on, and it’s going to suck, but I know it’s important and I’ll be letting you all know all about it.

My blog will have lots of info so if you’re going to be in the same boat and have questions about asking for help and getting sorted with outside help send me a message. I’m no where near better, but I’m making that step for myself. 

Katie Scarlett