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Christmas Is A Difficult Time For Everyone:

And though it is supposed to be a time of family, love and happiness… It often gets tainted by the losses we suffer as we get older…

I believe this is why many of us tend to lose the spirit as we age, because we lose sight of the goodness at this time, and let the sadness and darkness plague our minds and taint our thoughts and make excuses for our Bah Humbug attitudes.

We lose loved ones, we lose hope, we lose courage, we lose strength, we lose ourselves in the constant battle with out individuality and constantly find ourselves wandering this path run by power hungry people who control the media, and our thoughts and our pain.

We are constantly told we’re not good enough, year after year, time after time… It is the reason so many of us wish for makeup for christmas, a razor, shampoo, sweet smelling soaps…etc

This year I wish that every single one of us, can not only be thankful for the love of our families, and the wonderful gifts that we’ve received…

But also for the skin that we’re so lovingly wrapped in, the skin that takes us on our way through life, fighting every battle, walking through every storm.

Thank your body today, and love it. Because it sure as hell has loved you.

Happy Holiday’s Everyone, Love Always; Katie