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No matter what you look like, what color, what gender, sexual orientation, what size or however many "flaws", healthy, not healthy, working on it, abled, disabled, we are all human, we all deserve to be happy, we all deserve to love ourselves. With this blog you will see all kinds of REAL bodies, REAL people, REAL stories.

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Fighting Disorder Is Hard.


This is my body, I’m not nude, I’m not being showy. I’m just a girl in a doctor who shirt who took time to take this picture in between laying in bed doing nothing for 8+ hours.

 How is it that we’re raised to hate ourselves, what kind of human survival is it to teach our daughters that they are worthless and ugly and never good enough? 

I’m fighting it. I’m fighting it everyday because there has GOT to be something wrong with the way I’m thinking. No animal is this self destructive on purpose, nobody is made this way. So I’m fighting this by thanking that which I hate.

Thank you for getting me through the days, for letting me travel through the snow and wind and treck through the Canadian winters to get to work everyday. Thank you for giving me the strength to do the things I take for granted. I take you for granted, and I’m so sorry. 

I’m going to pledge to start paying more attention to you, to give you the food you need in proper intervals, to try to be more active so you can help me in all the ways that you do, so that you can last me my whole life. 

This body is the only one I’ll ever have, and I’m going to start being thankful for it. 

I post daily positive reminders for self love and encouragement with mental illness, if you’re in need of help with anxiety, ED, mental health in general feel free to common over <3




Don’t underestimate your value because you are worth every minute of happiness, joy, peace, and every minute of self love, and care.

You are worth it.



SERIOUSLY! Thank you all so much for being so amazingly supportive over the past week. You’re the reason my boss doesn’t hate my guts. I am so appreciative of the messages and the reason I haven’t responded to many is because I want them to stay forever in my inbox like a selfish message hoarder!

You’ve all really shown me how powerful this network can be, and just one message can get someone’s spirits up enough to function normally. I really appreciate all the things you’ve said and helped me with. I am going to therapy tomorrow and will be facing this shit head on, and it’s going to suck, but I know it’s important and I’ll be letting you all know all about it.

My blog will have lots of info so if you’re going to be in the same boat and have questions about asking for help and getting sorted with outside help send me a message. I’m no where near better, but I’m making that step for myself. 

Katie Scarlett

The body positivity community online is wonderful, I notice it particularly with my time spent on tumblr, especially working with Stop Hating Your Body. However, something that I’ve noticed in this community is that there seems to be two types of body that are talked about quite a lot. The thin women and the fat women. Now, like I said before I love all of these women I’ve interacted with and I love the discussions brought forward by people online about the issues of Health At Every Size, Fatphobia, Privilege, etc. My problem, which is purely personal, is that I don’t really know where I fit in.This becomes very pronounced when I go shopping.

I am a tall girl (5’10), I also have a large ass (that I love), however I also have a small torso and tiny breasts. This makes for difficult shopping. In pants I range from a size 12-14 depending on the store I go to, which when you only have straight clothing shops in your area can prove difficult, especially since a size 12 at H&M is really a size 8. The plus sized fashion industry begins right at my size, however when I’ve gone into plus sized stores I find that their sizes truly begin at 16, which leaves hanging out to dry. I also have a hard time finding dresses or skirts because of my height, everything is so short on me, they could easily be shirts not dresses! I see pictures throughout the blogsphere of thin girls in beautiful clothing, and fat girls in beautiful clothing, but it takes a lot of hunting for me to find women who look like me and are average. I just want others to know that they’re not alone in this confusion, and if anyone has any recommendations of clothing stores, or blogs I could follow that would help please let me know :D

Love You All: Katie Scarlett

Young Heart

This weekend I hosted a party at my house for 7 young girls who were 14 heading into high school in the fall. 

I did this because I went through a lot of self hatred, self harm, an bad relationship, all on top of school work and it was really, really hard. So I wanted to have a night to be real and hang out with these girls and give them some advice on how to better love themselves and have a better high school experience…

It was wonderful! They all loved it and want to do it again, and they really loved being able to talk about issues that were pressing on them and frustrated them.

But at the same time it was also sad, because every single one of these 7 girls was upset about some aspect of their bodies, their stomachs weren’t flat enough, their eyes were too far apart, they looked to young, they had ugly hair, they hated their chests… The list could go on and on, and it’s so sad that this is the case for almost every girl I know at this age.

Girls, I write this to you today to say:

You are beautiful, you are worthy of all the love you receive and you are worthy of so much more than even that! 

Your stomachs are beautiful at any size, your eyes are gorgeous, your hair is wonderful, you, yes you… are AHMAYZINGGGGGGG!

Take time to work on your heart and your mind, and in time you will be able to see this on a daily basis. 

You. Are. Wonderful.

- Katie

Hey everyone!! I just thought since there are thousands of you, if anyone is staying in Disney World and happens to be visiting Blizzard Beach….



I’ll be wearing this, and looking like this, and if you’re still thinking its not me, I have bright blue waterproof eyeliner on!!!

So if you’re around don’t be afraid to say hi <3 


TRIGGER WARNING: A little idea for dealing with tough trigger days.

A long time ago when I was in therapy my doctor suggested the possible idea of using my art skills to release my temptations when it came to self harm and self hate, be it the physical harm I wanted to do to myself or the emotional verbal harm. His idea was I should create a trigger page in my journal or sketchbook and write out or draw all of the things I wanted to do or say.

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Beauty. Is. Ours. To. Cherish. WE ARE BEAUTIFUL!



Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and personality is the same. Everyone is different, beautiful, unique and special and this photo shoot was done to prove just that!


Above: Ashley, Kira, Katie, Rebecca.

The Scale Does NOT DEFINE YOU!

*sigh* I just typed this whole long thing up, and tumblr logged me out and lost all of it -_-, so here it goes again!

I’m going to take you all back in time to a place called elementary school, a death trap filled with ignorance, arrogance and uneducated shit heads (pardon my french). I can distinctly remember a time as a 12 year old at the lunch table with most of my class discussing weight and how heavy or light everyone was. Now in my home we didn’t have a scale because my mom thought it promoted poor thinking, which I appreciate now knowing how dangerous those contraptions are. However, with a recent visit to the doctor for a regular checkup I knew that I was 150 pounds at 12 years old, now at the time I was already 5’6 bordering 5’7 and I was a completely healthy weight for my body and my doctor had no advice for my perfectly healthy self… However at the lunch table I learned something totally different, the number of the scale defined how skinny or fat you were and it also defined you as a person. I being naive and unsure of what I was getting myself into stated casually that I was 150 pounds, to the surprise of my classmates who all looked at me googly eyed and in awe… “I’m 100, 108, 120 at most” came from the mouths of all of my much shorter, skinnier classmates and I instantly knew I was wrong, weird and really fat. Deemed “Shamoo” for the rest of my adolescent career I knew that I was a disgusting chunk of lard that irritated people with my fatness.

(^ The girl on the far left is me, at age 13 still the owner of the nickname Shamoo)

Now this curse isn’t just the fault of young ignorant children who have no concept of weight, and health and beauty, it’s something that they have learned from their parents and the media. My mother, someone who belongs to the health industry even said to me one time just by looking at me that 160 pounds should be what I aim for at my height… Which was TOTALLY off base! If I weighed 150 almost 160 pounds in the photo above at 5’7 does it really make sense that I should weight that amount at 5’10 bordering 5’11? No, not at all! And this goes to show my point! Weight cannot be determined by looking at someone alone, you must know all of their physical details before making this assumption and that job belongs to the owner of this skin and their doctor who helps them determine their nutritional needs! Not you, a parent, or a friend, or a bystander who believes that your arrogant and condescending opinions help or even change the victims ways.

With a visit to my doctor I found out that my current weight of 185 is healthy for my size and if I would like to work out more that would be fine but going anywhere below 175 would be dangerous for me in particular! 

So to all of you who believe you can judge a book by it’s cover, learn that you cannot at all! And stop trying to give your advice to people on how they should treat themselves or their bodies, because you have absolutely NO IDEA!

Love always, the girl with natural rolls, thunder thighs and small breasts.

- Katie