This is a place of encouragement, a place to discuss body image, insecurities, self-esteem, and everything under the umbrella of fighting self-hate and finding self-love.

No matter what you look like, what color, what gender, sexual orientation, what size or however many "flaws", healthy, not healthy, working on it, abled, disabled, we are all human, we all deserve to be happy, we all deserve to love ourselves. With this blog you will see all kinds of REAL bodies, REAL people, REAL stories.

-PLEASE READ FAQ before messaging

-BE AWARE some posts may be triggering depending on submissions, check for trigger warnings and tags. Also any harassment will be met with blocking and a report to Tumblr Support



Hello all, after sending many submissions to the queue tonight I have realized many people who aren’t reading the full instructions when submitting your post. It’ is so important to do so because we have to become strict in our posting due to how many submissions we receive daily!


(VERY IMPORTANT: THIS WILL NOW BE STRICTLY ENFORCED Read ALL the rules, before you even start your submission, DO NOT skim. Your post will be DELETED if you don’t follow ALL the rules. Once in the queue, I cannot recollect it and it could be a whole month before it is posted):

A) Check Body Peace Oath and FAQ before submitting

B) PHOTOS: Photos need to be tasteful portraits

1) Avoid mirror shots, if you absolutely must, please avoid the reflection of light from the flash, avoid the camera being seen in the shot. We hope for more portrait style photos. These are merely for uniformity/presentation purposes for the blog. 
2)You do not have to expose your body, we’d just like to see YOU. As a challenge, see what you can do in a photo to express yourself, or conquer a fear, or express vulnerability. Do what you can; we just hope you feel proud of your post! 
3) Avoid group shots that have nothing to do with your submission (if your submission is about a group of people, then the group photo would be appropriate)
4) Avoid using unrelated photos (sunsets, avatars, etc). 
5) Generally “before and after” photos are not accepted, we are here to talk about the before and after of our minds, not so much our physical bodies. 
6) NO BLOOD/OPEN WOUNDS, old scars are alright, but gore is EXTREMELY triggering.
7) DO NOT EXPOSE GENITALIA, as there are younger readers of the blog and it is inappropriate. You may discuss insecurities about genitalia in your text portion, but graphic photos could cause us to be shut down. 
8) If you think your photo might be triggering, submit it as a link instead of a photo, with the title “Trigger Warning for photo of cutting scars/bones etc.” For more explanation on trigger warnings, see number 4 under the ‘Text’ heading below.
9) DO NOT send us nudes or topless photos if you are under the age of 18
10) Your photo MUST include a text portion or it will be discarded, read Section C for more details.

C) TEXT: We now have a specific guideline towards text captions. More than anything we are here to talk about our minds, not our actual bodies, this is about self-esteem, this is about confidence and loving yourself. This is about what we believe and why we believe it, what incited our negative body image and what steps are we taking to change it. I want to spread awareness of what it is that manipulates us into thinking so negatively about ourselves and what different ways there are to recovery from that pattern of thought.

1) Do not mention your BMI (it is an invalid measurement of health, check FAQ for more info)
2) NO NEGATIVE BODY TALK: Do not say “I hate my” or “my… is so ugly” instead say, if you must, say, “I have an insecurity with my… “ Also do not demean other body types or generalize , DO NOT say “all women have curves ”, “thin is gross”, “I felt fat and gross”. Neither body type is a negative. If anything say “I am insecure about my size (or other body part) because I was taught to believe it was wrong and/or “ugly”, but I am working on changing the way I think” 
Your submission needs to attempt to motivate others, in effect, motivate yourself. No progress is made if we are stuck in the negative, no progress is made if you see continue your insecurities as a bad thing, it ends today.
3) Make positive and encouraging statements for both yourself and the reader. If you currently have low-self esteem, tell us what steps of action you are taking to change the way you think about yourself. This includes: mirror work, eliminating negative influences (media outlets or certain people in your life), meditation, therapy, a mantra you practice, this is about changing the way we THINK. If your course of action is to change yourself physically, the same rules apply, you need to be at peace mentally, have the ability to love yourself no matter what, because ultimately there is no need to be so stressed out about the way we look. 
4) Make trigger warnings when applicable. For those unfamiliar with trigger warnings, they are a bold or all cap warning at the beginning of a post meant to warn readers that your post may have content involving sexual, emotional, mental, or physical trauma. When someone is ‘triggered’, it can invoke panic attacks, major anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and flashbacks. It can be crippling and traumatizing to some readers. Most commonly, trigger warnings are needed for mentions of self-hate, eating disorders (measurements are a trigger for those in recovery so please place a warning if you choose to include your measurements), cutting, depression, sexual or physical trauma, suicidal thoughts etc. 
5) Tag as you see fit according to your submission. Only click the tags that are appropriate.
6) Type up your submission in Microsoft Word or another software where you can spell check, I will not correct them for you, YOU need to spell check. Save your work as well, in case you accidentally forget to do the following rule. PROOF READ BEFORE YOU SUBMIT, MAKE SURE IT’S WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY!
7) Copy/paste THIS link below (as seen on all submission, no html required, just copy/paste to the very bottom of your post


(IF YOU DON’T DO THIS: I will know you didn’t read the rules and your submission will be DELETED, if you forget, just re-submit and add the link) 
8) BOLD important and positive points (quotes, that even if your whole post isn’t read, you’d want the reader to get the bold points)
9) Be sure to leave a link to your site if you want it known! If you don’t put it in your submission it will not be seen unless it is searched for.
10) Accept the Terms of Service box

WARNING ABOUT SUBMITTING - when you submit a photo of yourself and/or your whole name on the internet, it’s forever, make sure you want to do this. You can be googled. You are risking being judged, of course, no one can protect you from that, submitting means you have made a decision to ignore ignoramuses and be proud of your body no matter what anyone says!

You are risking that anyone on this planet with a computer can see your photo and what you have to say so make sure you are okay with that as well.

This not only helps us ensure your submissions are posted, it also shows us that you truly care. Thank you so much and DFTBA!

- Katie Scarlett 

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