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The body positivity community online is wonderful, I notice it particularly with my time spent on tumblr, especially working with Stop Hating Your Body. However, something that I’ve noticed in this community is that there seems to be two types of body that are talked about quite a lot. The thin women and the fat women. Now, like I said before I love all of these women I’ve interacted with and I love the discussions brought forward by people online about the issues of Health At Every Size, Fatphobia, Privilege, etc. My problem, which is purely personal, is that I don’t really know where I fit in.This becomes very pronounced when I go shopping.

I am a tall girl (5’10), I also have a large ass (that I love), however I also have a small torso and tiny breasts. This makes for difficult shopping. In pants I range from a size 12-14 depending on the store I go to, which when you only have straight clothing shops in your area can prove difficult, especially since a size 12 at H&M is really a size 8. The plus sized fashion industry begins right at my size, however when I’ve gone into plus sized stores I find that their sizes truly begin at 16, which leaves hanging out to dry. I also have a hard time finding dresses or skirts because of my height, everything is so short on me, they could easily be shirts not dresses! I see pictures throughout the blogsphere of thin girls in beautiful clothing, and fat girls in beautiful clothing, but it takes a lot of hunting for me to find women who look like me and are average. I just want others to know that they’re not alone in this confusion, and if anyone has any recommendations of clothing stores, or blogs I could follow that would help please let me know :D

Love You All: Katie Scarlett

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