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It’s documentary day at It’s Just Sex. Now I present to you America the Beautiful: Is America Obcessed With Beauty?. It’s currently streaming on Netflix and shows the good, the bad, and the ugly roles beauty plays in American culture. There’s a particular meathead interviewed who openly admits he sees women as objects “for [men] to hammer the shit out of.” Then he gracefully spits out his dipping tobacco and offers the intellectual statement, “Generally speaking, women don’t know as much as just an average guy.” Pure poetry, my friends.

The documentary also touches a bit on the pressure men face to look perfect, which I feel is often overlooked when the media addresses on the beauty myth. The most interesting part of the documentary for me, though, was the insights on race and skin tone in relation to the concept of beauty.

Give it a try if you need to entertain yourself for two hours.

Stop fixing your body, it was never broken.

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    If you want to be healthy; go to college.
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    I will watch this soon. but i definitely think this looks like something EVERY GUY AND GIRL SHOULD SEE.
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    If you’re going to worry about your health, go to college.
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