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courtslosinit asked
I have been reading all the posts about small breasts, large breasts, "ugly" breasts and inverted nipples. I wanted to share about my breasts. I have severe breast asymmetry, which means that my breasts are two different sizes. I know that everyone has some difference in size, but mine is almost a 2 cup difference. High school was hard, I changed in the bathrooms during gym. My mom took me to three different doctors to ask what was wrong with me, and they all said it's normal and one side just stopped growing early. Nothing I can do except plastic surgery. Finding bras has been a nightmare, but I found one that has formed cups and I bought a ton of them in the size of the larger breast and I stuff the other side. My greatest fear was always what would a guy think about my breasts. They are freakish looking! Well I found a guy who I felt comfortable with and he was very accepting. Told me that he loved me no matter what my breasts looked like. And 8 years later we are married, and he still loves my breasts. Gives them the same amount of attention, and never makes me feel ashamed. I don't know if I will ever get that plastic surgery. I feel comfortable with me right now. And that is what is important.