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Anonymous asked
I've been super naturally thin all my life.

I'm not going to submit a photo but I thought this site needed more posts from the ppl who have 'suffered' from being thin their whole lives.

As a teenager I wasn't getting the curves everyone else was, I was rake thin, I felt ugly, my arms were lanky skinny poles, my legs were knobby kneed with super skinny ankles. I used to cry myself to sleep, cover up my body with baggy boring clothes. My breasts barely changed during puberty- my hips barely changed -as I got older I felt like I looked like a 9yr old in an adult body. I was completely terrified whenever a guy would want to make out cause I didn't want him to see how ridiculously thin and flat I was.

I tried counting calories, doing weights, eating junk food for a month, no matter what I did nothing would change.

At 19 I got breast implants. It felt sexy, it felt wonderful, I had some curves and I could finally fill out some nice dresses. My confidence sky rocketed and I didn't feel completely self conscious about making out with boys anymore.

It gave me a lot of confidence and I was having more fun -and I also quickly accepted my body as much as I could.

Nevertheless I spent endless summers sitting indoors on my computer cause I didn't *and still don't* want to be seen in a swimsuit.

I still prefer to cover up my skinny lanky pole arms and straight up hips wherever I can.

It's also annoying when people commentate on what I eat or comment on my body. Sometimes I do something brave like wear tight jeans or a bikini and there is always *someone* who has to make a comment - then I just feel stupid and go and 'hide' again.

I just think about all the misery and the good times I missed out on because of such a stupid 'issue' and I think if everyone kept their comments to themselves and were always positive and encouraging and flattering no matter what body type people had we would all start to have a different mindset.

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