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This is Roy A. Cui. He is a digital retoucher. His job is to digitally manipulate and ‘perfect’ the images that you and I see every day in ads and magazines.

At great personal risk, Roy has made this video to speak out against retouching and to talk about how nothing you see is real, how the women he retouches don’t even look like the finished product.

His goal with this video is “trying to get magazines that focus on fashion, beauty and the female lifestyle to print ONE UNretouched image of a model per publication for the summer of 2012. ”

Roy says in this video that he knows he might be committing career suicide, but he knows that it’s so important to get this message out.

Watch this video and share it with as many people you can. And more importantly, please, please remember not to judge yourself against people you see on TV or in magazines who aren’t even real.




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    This guy and other people in the industry like him are facing a JUGGERNAUT. Boost.
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    That’s real bravery right there. Especially putting your job at risk in the current economic climate. Not many people...
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