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Anonymous asked
I'm not brave enough to post with a photo, or my profile. but..

I'm seventeen, and i'm 5'2 i weigh 90k, which is 198 pounds.
I'm really short, and i'm over weight for my age. I'm extremely shy about my temperance. although i don't hide behind makeup. I live in Australia. I use to not care of what people thought about me, and I don't care about what people think, it's what I think that gets me down. When I was 12. I had a website made about me, calling me fat, ugly, it gave out my number and where i went to school.
not long after all of that happening (and making me afraid to leave the house) i started getting private calls saying that I was fat, and I was ugly. And that they hated me. After that I went on my old friends piczo, where they all had a chat forum about me and how disgusting i was.
I was bestfriends with these girls. Although a lot of people beg to differ with the people who wrote these nasty comments, and they say i'm beautiful, i have amazing eyes, and i'm not fat at all.
these comments have been in my head, and they appear when I feel good in something. The girls who made the website apologized to me, and even tell me i'm BEAUTIFUL.
Even though I forgave them, after finding there was a website about me, and it was made by two bestfriends.
I don't have any confidence. The comments always come into my head, when I look in the mirror. When I take a photo, i'm constantly looking for flaws of myself so I don't put it on facebook.
I don't have a photo of myself on tumblr, because of what happened to me.

Recently, i've become more confident. Although I never cared what people thought, I really don't care at all. What you see is what you get, and if you don't like it then to bad for you.
I'm not a bad person and I've made mistakes, but no one deserves to have a website made about them and their flaws.
I've started to tone up a little bit, and i'm also learning to accept this is my body, my face, my life. and i'll live and learn to accept that. and i've started too.