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cvest asked
Hi, awesome blog, good work! About the post you just linked; it's important to let people know that fat ≠unhealthy and that it doesnt have to be an indicator for a healthy diet or exercise. And even if that wasnt trough it still wouldnt justify body shaming. But even if it might not apply to the individual eating unhealthy/ too much does correlate with obesity and obesity with Atherosclerosis and other diseases. I think it will hurt the message if we don’t stay objective when it comes to facts.

You can’t look at anyone, fat, thin, and in between, and assume what they eat or don’t eat, or what they do or don’t do for activity exercises. There are so many factors that go into changes in body weight.

But it’s so important to remember the difference between causation and correlation. And it’s also incredibly important to remember that fat is rarely a cause of health problems, but very, very often (though not always) a symptom. Unhealthy eating and lack of activity can cause people to gain weight. But that’s the important word—it can. As in, not always. Lots of people are technically ‘unhealthy’ and at a ‘normal’ weight. Remember the girl who collapsed after eating nothing but chicken nuggets?

You can’t put a weight on health. You just can’t. Thin people can be unhealthy. Fat people can be healthy. And there’s nothing subjective about it, it’s fact.



  1. sofudgeaswell said: also a girl I went to class with had higher blood pressure than I’ve ever had in my life and she weights 90lbs, which is way less than me and eats fast food burgers almost every day.
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