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i go to the university of memphis, and walking home from my class this evening, i saw these signs. i’m sure there’s more all over campus but these are the ones i saw. it really hurt my heart reading them. because i know i’ve had major self esteem issues in my life, and i’m sure most of you have too. we’ve all been there and we all know how it feels. the one that really got my attention was the one about how girl’s self esteem peaks at age 9. and i thought ‘that can’t be accurate…’ but then i thought about it, and i’ve felt self conscience about my body/face as little as second grade. that’s about 8/9 years old. i just hate this. everyone deserves to feel beautiful. no matter what gender, weight, height, hair color, skin color, OR ANYTHING. we’re all people, we all have feelings, and we’re all beautiful.


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